Shiro-Cochi – rectangle white patina


This is a white antique rectangular shaped Bonsai pot originally made in China which measures 6.8 x 5.71 x 2.44 inches(outside of pot) and 5.71 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches(inside).  Commonly referred to as Shiro-Cochi in Japan, these pots are highly sought after and desirable.  This container has heavily aged and displays an exceptional amount of patina from decades of use.  A beautiful pot in my opinion for Deciduous or Broadleaf evergreen Shohin. This pot has not been stamped or signed.  Please examine the pictures closely to see the condition of the container, it’s been heavily used for many years and shows many signs of this use.  There is one area on the corner which appears to have been chipped and repaired, which does not attract from the overall stunning appearance.



Please examine all images closely before purchasing.  Many of the items I have for sales have decades of use and may be dirty and small cracks or chips.  I do my best to point out anything noteworthy, however it’s very possible I could miss something.  Also, because frequently my contacts are in Japan, it’s possible certain subtleties get lost in translation.  Finally color may vary depending on specific lighting.  My intention is not to mislead anyone and I offer a full refund minus return shipping within six days of receiving an item if you are not fully satisfied.





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