Haruyosi Blue/Yellow Rectangle


This is a new hand painted porcelain Bonsai container by Haruyosi who is considered one of the current day masters at his craft.   Haruyosi’s pots are highly sought after in Japan and prices are on the rise.  The quality of his brushwork is truly phenomenal and the pot has paintings on all four sides.  Currently, I’ve seen very few in the very few in the US.  He studied making pots in Seto City at the Harumatsu Kiln which is now closed.  Haruyosi is also a Bonsai enthusiast and is frequently found on Facebook posting his trees and containers. His family name is Kuroyanagi and his brother owns a Bonsai shop in Mikawa city.       



Please examine all images closely before purchasing.  Many of the items I have for sales have decades of use and may be dirty and small cracks or chips.  I do my best to point out anything noteworthy, however it’s very possible I could miss something.  Also, because frequently my contacts are in Japan, it’s possible certain subtleties get lost in translation.  Finally color may vary depending on specific lighting.  My intention is not to mislead anyone and I offer a full refund minus return shipping within six days of receiving an item if you are not fully satisfied.





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