Gyouzan – large unglazed rectangle


This is a large, unglazed Bonsai container made by Gyouzan- Nakano Yuuji.  The pot is rectangular and measures 19.49 x 14.96 x 4.72 inches. This container is signed on the bottom and has started developing some nice patina. The container could work well with many different conifers and is built from a high quality clay with beautiful color.   

Containers produced by the Gyouzan Kiln are created with gorgeous colored and exceptionally high quality clay. This matched with clean lines and phenomenal attention to detail is why Gyouzan makes my favorite modern unglazed containers.  In fact, Gyouzan custom made pots which are signed on the bottom are fully handmade, without the use of any molds. This impressive feat is one of the main reasons these containers are often found in Japans top Bonsai exhibitions like the Kokufu Ten.  Besides from Gyouzan’s hand made line, they also produce semi-handmade and pots made mostly by using molds.  All three tiers of pots are still super high quality, however the price ranges depending the tier.  Yukizyou Nakano is the owner and lead maker of Gyouzan containers.  His son-in-law Yujii Nakano also created containers in the past, these will be clearly marked as “Yuji” containers to differentiate between the two makers.



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