Bonsai and a Beer Episode 1 with Matt Reel & Tyler Sherrod

Very much a work in progress, I just published my first episode of the Bonsai and a Beer Podcast which is available now in the itunes store.  Please go easy on this.

For this first episode I sat down with Matt Reel, Tyler Sherrod and Paul Kellum on a late Saturday night inside Paul's trailer. They were kind enough to let me interview them about their apprenticeship, Mr. Shinji Suzuki and several other Bonsai related questions.

Tyler and Matt are incredible guys, they are both extremely talented and have done what very few Americans have in completing a formal apprenticeship with one of the leading Bonsai professionals in the world, Shinji Suzuki.  With their incredible Bonsai accomplishments, they are the type of guys you'd really want to hang out with, they're down to earth, friendly, respectful but also know how to have fun.



Bonsai Podcast Episode #1 w/ Boon & Morten

Hey there,  Wow... life has been a bit crazy for me lately!  Lots of things going on, but one of the main things is that I sold and moved out of my house and I am currently in escrow on another!  I really have not had much time for my trees lately, which is a bit sad, but the reason for that is because I've been busy securing the future for my Bonsai garden and nursery. I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly, but I should have a real fixer upper project in the near future which includes enough room to expand on one acre. I'll definitely have many updates on this blog showing my long term progression of my future Bonsai garden and nursery.

During just about the only Bonsai weekend I've had recently, I had the privilege of interviewing and talking with Boon Manakativipart and Morten Wellhaven. Podcasting is something that I've wanted to get into for a while now.  Even though in many ways doing so is a bit scary for me because I have no background in anything related to podcasting and don't have the gift that other podcasters have when it comes to clearly and easily communicating the thoughts in my mind. Over the last several years however, i've listened to some insane amount of hours of other's free podcasts and I definitely have learned a ton while listening.

With that said, I'd love for you to take a listen below.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get this on iTunes soon as well.  Boon and Morten were extremely gracious in being my lab rats and allowing me to try this out with them.  I hope to improve and put out many more interviews in the future about Bonsai and the crazy people that love little trees so much.  Thanks for checking it out!