Which Front?

Last weekend I was happy to be greeted by a beautiful show of flowers from this old Wisteria.  Evidence that Spring has officially sprung.   This tree was relocated from Boon's old house to his new house, 2-3 years back.  I was there the day they brought it by truck and planted it next to his workshop.  The relocation process took several men and a big metal tripod to move and transplant it to it's current spot.

Beautiful drooping flowers and rugged old trunk make me envious that it's in Boons yard and not mine 🙂


While at Boons house last weekend I styled this juniper, pictured below. This pic shows the back side shortly after collection.   I really liked the feature right at the base of the trunk, however the other side has really cool dead wood.


It wasn't till the day after I potted it into this Anderson flat that I noticed the granite at the base which was still covered in mountain soil. Can you tell how this tree was oriented when it was growing in the mountains, or what caused the larger recessed section on the trunk?


This is the other side, which I was thinking for the front.While I could be wrong, I'd assume that the majority would use this side as the front because the deadwood is more visible and more attractive.  Although, I always found myself checking out the back side of this tree as well.


For me, exercises in finding the best front have always been fun and thought provoking. Ultimately, the best viewing angle is a subjective decision.  However, there's still a method behind the madness and not all fronts are created equally. With this tree I was a unsure of which side I wanted to go with and found myself with some questions that were fun to ponder, at least to me.  Below shows the tree after transplanting into a clay growing pot in Jan or Feb of 2015.


Getting back to this past weekend...

I decided to change things up and make what I originally thought would be the back into the front.  Ultimately, I decided to change the front because it interested me a bit more than the other side.  However, I think either side could be a good option.  One of my favorite features on this side is this twisting upper section.


The rock is much more visible after being cleaned off.  It's the only tree I have with this characteristic and I like the quirky uniqueness about it.


We also added some shari to the trunk, which I'll likely extend in the future.


Here we are after the first wiring with the back as the new front.  Still a work in progress. It will look more powerful in a smaller pot.    Thank you for taking a look and reading, I really appreciate it!

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  1. Hello Jeremiah,

    Great pics, That has come a long ways from the day of collection. Great meeting you last weekend at the workshop.


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