New Home & BIB 2016

In Oct of 2015, my wife and I decided to take on what turned out to be a massive project in selling our current home and buying a new one.  The new house is a major, "fixer upper" and has taken up just about all our free time.  We completely gutted the inside and are now about 85% finished with remodeling the inside of the house.  Because of the timing in selling and buying, there were a few months where I couldn't keep my Bonsai at my new or old house. Fortunately, my good friend Ron Bereman was extremely kind and let me keep my trees at his house during the transitions.

Loading the trees to take to Ron's House.

You might be a Bonsai nut if the main purpose of buying a new home is to have enough room to accomplish your Bonsai goals;) Mine include building the garden I envision and someday having a Bonsai business.  Our new house is on an acre in Nipomo, CA here's a shot of the front section of my new yard and future site of my display garden.

Nipomo has nice sandy soil and a climate that I love.  After we finally move in, I plan to spend a lot more time with my trees, collecting new ones and growing Bonsai from seed, cutting and airlayer .  I dug about seven of these Kishu out from my old yard and have transplanted them into the new one.

Bonus point if you can tell what movie i'm a fan of from this pic?
One of the twisted young Kishu transplanted at the new house.  

Anytime that I'm not spending on the new house, I definitely feel guilty about. However, you gotta take breaks sometime right?  I had lot's of fun taking one of those breaks at the 2016 BIB Show.

My main job at the show for the past several years has been to assist Eric Schrader and David Campbell by bringing them trees for photography.  I wanted to show a few pics of the trees from the beautiful show.  I need to power through our house project, then I hope to be working with Bonsai and this blog a whole lot more.  Please stay tuned, thanks!

Thought this was a cool pic, showing some gorgeous pine bark and Eric working his magic in the background:)
Morten giving a docent tour
Originally grown by Jim Gremmel. Hope I can make some like this down the road.
Started from seed by Morten in 2000

Collected by me in... I think 2010, now owned by Greg M




8 thoughts on “New Home & BIB 2016”

  1. jeremiah
    cool blog…… I am definitely a follower.
    I’m with you on the different house situation as we finally built our dream house on our property we’ve lived on for 15 years previously living on a mfg. house on the same property.
    and also trying to finish off my bonsai backyard in segments and best I can with a bad back. I’ve been to Nipomo once long time ago to visit George Muranaka’s place. nice climate and excellent tri-tip bbq. good luck to you on further progress with your house & bonsai backyard !
    art r.
    (I’m also your facebook friend)

  2. Looks like a wonderful yard for your bonsai……we downsized last year….had to moved my collection 3 times before I got them at the new home……nowvI have to build my display area…..not too many options…..a bonsai pit lol.
    Looking forward to more posts.
    Cheers Graham…..above the 49th….actually at the 50th.

    1. Oh man! moving a collection 3 times does not sound fun, it’s crazy what we do for these little trees:) You should send me pics of your pit once it’s finished! Thanks Graham!

      1. Thanks for following, congrats on building your dream house, must be an incredible feeling. I like being able decide what goes into our house because it make it really feel like our own-i’m sure that’s the way it was for you too. George is a great guy and a lot of the reason I got hooked on Bonsai!

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