Rain Barrel Update and a Ponderosa

With the bad drought we've had in California, it was nice to see a little rain recently. So, I thought I should give a quick update on my rain barrels.  You can find the original post describing the project here- http://www.yenlingbonsai.com/2013/02/27/updated-watering-set-up/

Here's a picture of them from this morning-

After having these for almost two years, I'd still recommend this as a good project for most. The barrels have held up well so far, I haven't had any major issues with them and they are low maintenance.  I was worried about leaks along the connecting tubes, but they've   stayed sealed.  Its surprising  how little rain you need in order to completely fill the barrels.  But, thinking of how much surface area a roof covers it makes sense.  It seems like one night of rain generally fills them all the way.  It's been nice to have the extra water to mix with my RO water which I use for Bonsai and pre-Bonsai that are still in the ground.

In the future I will likely build a much larger storage system, however this might be a project for a home with a larger yard.   The only thing I would do differently if completing this project again would be to find barrels with a threaded removable top.  This would allow you to more easily clean them out, or repair the inside if needed.


I collected this Ponderosa Pine in early summer of 2013.  I like the trees movement, deadwood and bark.  Collecting it required moving a huge rock which was pressed against the base of the tree.  Might be difficult to see in this pic, but the bark didn't develop as nicely near the base where the rock was pressed against it.  For now i'll just be working on getting this tree really healthy and start throwing out new growth before doing anything else.


Speaking of this pine.....I also posted these pics and asked a few questions about this tree on a new forum that Jonas of Bonsaitonight.com recently created.  It's called http://ask.bonsaitonight.com/ and I think you should check it out!

Here's a quote from Jonas about why he created this new forum.

"I believe bonsai forums should be open and beautiful - places where visitors can read posts and view photographs without logging in.

I believe in sharing bonsai knowledge as widely as possible. I enjoy responding to questions by email but prefer making these discussions public so greater numbers of people can benefit from them.

I believe the bonsai community has a lot to offer. I've learned a tremendous amount from readers' comments over the years and want to give readers more opportunities for extending their camaraderie and sharing their talents, their opinions and their humor.

Now it's your turn - I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say smile"

Yours in Bonsai,
Jonas Dupuich

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