Coffin Tree

Here’s a quick pic of my Sierra Juniper that I worked on this weekend with Boon. I collected this tree in 2010 and placed it in this box I made from fence board.   I made the box to fit the root system and didn’t realize at the time how much it looked like a ½ coffin. During next year’s repotting season I’m going to repot the tree which will allow me to get a better look at the root system and develop a plan for eventually getting the tree into a Bonsai container under Boon's guidance. While this is going to  be a challenge to get into a pot I’m confident that it will happen over time. There is currently one root graft on each side of the tree which is an option for getting the tree into a smaller container, however many more will have to be placed in order to succeed.


Unfortunately I’m pretty slow when it comes to wiring and had to work quickly to finish over two days . This was part of the reason I didn’t get a before picture, however here's the tree last year right before Peter Tea bent down the larger branches to start the shaping process. The tree still has a long way to go and I will update along the way.


2 thoughts on “Coffin Tree”

  1. I am always amazed how Peter can move large branches. I have seen the tree before and it is really starting to come into it’s own.

    1. Thank you very much Ron! Peter sure did an excellent job on your California Junipers, they look fantastic!

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