Shohin 1st Wiring

I wired this little guy yesterday at a workshop with Boon.  I believe I collected it about two years ago up in the Sierra.  I remember first seeing a little clump of juniper foliage from about twenty-five feet away.  From that distance I could tell it had a chunky little trunk and made sure to take a closer look.  While scouting around for trees in the mountains you see several trees of a similar height, but the majority of them are much younger with skinnier trunks.


I just worked on wiring the future branches into place.  We also kept three of the larger branches for now to maintain the trees strength and to minimize the risk of weakening the tree.  The paper towels were added to help visualize the future image.  The tree is still in the original box I planted it in.  I used pure washed and sifted pumice, however this winter I cleaned the surface soil and replaced about half an inch with my standard mix.  This helps remove caked up organic fertilizer and increases drainage.  Boon calls this process Soiji.

2 thoughts on “Shohin 1st Wiring”

  1. Nice! Looks very rugged and compact. Seems like people usually graft shimpaku foliage onto these. The natural foliage adds to the weathered look, I think. How long until you remove the long branching?

    1. Thanks for the comment Charles! Yes, I considered grafting Itowigawa. I like both grafted and non-grafted for Sierra Juniper. However, because I have seen so few Shohin Sierras I decided to keep it as is for now. I think if the tree is growing well, I should be able to remove them next year during the next styling. However, I’ll defeitely ask my teacher Boon to asses and see what he thinks at that time.

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