Kifu Sierra

A few before and after pictures of my Kifu size Sierra Juniper that I worked on this past weekend at a BIB workshop.


Below is where we left off for now.  There's still a ways to go before it's show ready.  The tree looks a bit smaller than it actually is compared with the potential pot because the tree is behind the pot.




6 thoughts on “Kifu Sierra”

    1. Thanks Ron and Lonnie! glad to hear the study group is going well. The live vein is on the right hand side of the tree.

    1. I don’t think I plan on carving anything on this tree because I like the natural dead wood. I like the hole in this tree. One person told me the deadwood kind of looked like a small cow skull, which makes me like the unusual ness of the tree. Happy Holidays Jeff!

  1. That’s shaping up to be one cool little tree. There are a a couple or more little skulls in that dead wood. It will be fun watching this one progress!

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