Intensive Program and a Pen Drawing

I am very proud to report that last weekend I graduated from Boon's Intensive Program!  Attending the program has been an absolutely fantastic experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who has considered it in the past or for anyone interested in a structured program to learn Bonsai. It’s very satisfying to check this goal off my list and feel the confidence I have gained from the experience.  If you have not heard about the program, I suggest that you check out the following articles by Bob King of ABS:   

Starting the 10 day De Candling technique on one of Boon's Black Pines. Just one of the many great things I learned.


While I was up North attending the intensive, my friend Derek Loring from Napa gave me this picture which he drew for me.  While he appreciates trees he's not necessarily a bonsai guy.  I am very impressed!  The foliage is just made of dots and I really like the style he used on the dead wood.  Do you recognize this tree?   

8 thoughts on “Intensive Program and a Pen Drawing”

  1. Thanks Judy, Jonas and Peter, I really appreciate it! Yes it’s one of my favorite trees as well and I think he was looking at a picture that Peter took of the tree.

  2. The drawing is of a tree that was designed by Takeo Kawabe in Japan. He is a former apprentice of Kimura and one of a small minority of bonsai growers that are actually making interesting new creations. This tree was in a book that he published (in Japanese) a few years ago. However, I’m guessing that your friend saw the tree on the Bonsai Focus site, where a photo from a recent exhibit appeared showing the tree with some large calligraphy paintings. If you like I’ll scan the image from his book of the raw tree before any styling (crazy transformation!) Kawabe is particularly adept at deadwood work.

  3. Yes you are correct, this is one of my favorite trees in Japan. I need to buy a copy of the Kawabe book! He seems like an extremely innovative and creative person. I believe my friend actually caught this tree on Peter Tea’s blog. I would love to see the tree before the transformation, I have not seen the before picture. Thanks Eric!

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