Hiking in the Desert

Just wanted to share a few pictures I took while hiking around the desert during a recent three day trip.  Personally I never tire and seem to always find myself awe struck when seeing really old junipers up close and in person.  Hope you enjoy!


The image below is probably the tree which I found most fascinating during my trip.  I really like the image with the twisted dark shadow.  Many of the other trees around this size were simply still little bushes or had very straight trunks.  So what caused this tree to grow the way it did and why is it different than the others?

Also, before you scroll down any further and just for kicks how tall would you guess this Bunjin style tree to be?  The last picture in this post will give a better perspective so you can tell if you were right:)

2 thoughts on “Hiking in the Desert”

  1. where in sierra is this place ? would love to take a visit and check out those tree myself. it look massive..

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