Ume and Black Pine

I'd like to share a couple project trees in my collection, both were started from seed here in CA.  The first is an Ume, which I originally dug at Muranaka Bonsai I believe in 2008.  I'm a bit bummed because I had a picture just after I dug it, but sadly have somehow lost it.    After digging the tree from the field, I chopped it back, so it was just a stump with no branches.  I tagged this tree in Muranaks's fields in 2007 and paid $60 for it when we finally dug it out of the ground.

Here's the tree today:



The tree still needs a lot of development before it could be shown, but I've really enjoyed working on it so far. Future plans for this tree include thickening the main apex, creating a better transition of taper towards the top of the tree, either hollowing or making shari on the middle right hand section of the trunk with scars and continuing to develop the branch structure.


I got about 5 white flowers on the tree this year.  There is still one in bloom near the very top of the apex, but it's facing the back.

Here's a close up of the last flower on my tree.  These flowers have an amazing smell, which is difficult for me to describe other than it kind of smells like sweet Cinnamon.  Because this tree is relatively young and grown from seed instead of cutting, I believe it will get more and more flowers as the tree ages.

Here's a recent pictures of the mother tree which produced the fruit and seed where my tree came from.

Here's me with my Ume at a Peter Tea workshop in 09 or 10 after wiring out the branches.


This second tree I only recently acquired just a week ago.  It was grown from seedling cutting and started in 2000, making it 13 years old.  The BIB member who grew it explained to me that he used large size sharp rocks and a milk carton as the container.  I'm wondering, which side do you like more?

Side #1


Side #2



One thought on “Ume and Black Pine”

  1. I like side #1 better. It feels a little unbalanced, but I’m sure when you grow it out, you’ll be able to correct that. Nice little tree!
    And seriously nice ume, congrats on it.

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