Rainy Days, Yosemite, Sequoias & Dramm

I'm going to be updating the gallery section with pictures of trees in nature as I take them.  One of the pics from my last collecting trip:


Finally getting some solid rain here in Nipomo - I haven't had to water in a few days. During a break in the rain, I worked on cleaning up my backyard and took a quick pic of some of my trees enjoying the weather.


My wife and I took a quick trip up to Yosemite in the beginning of Oct.  As a California native, I've wanted to spend time in Yosemite for a long while, however this was my first trip there.  We did some really nice hiking and saw some beautiful sights.

We were told that because there was almost no snow the winter before, the water flow was pretty minimal and not as impressive.  However, I was still very excited to see the waterfalls!

The area below reminds me of a trail out of some JR Tolkens book.


About an hour drive away from the valley of Yosemite we were able to hike around the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias.  It's pretty awesome to think that California is home to the oldest, tallest, and largest trees on the planet.  I can now kind of check off seeing the oldest and largest by volume, but I still need to see the tallest.  I say kind of because the largest by volume was not actually in this grove and not many know which Bristle cone Pine is actually the oldest.

Below-Courtney next to the underside of a downed Sequoia root spread.


Speaking of these humongous trees, I'd recommend picking up the latest issue of National Geographic.  Which has an awesome 4 page fold out picture and article on the world second largest tree.  You can check out a cool short video on You Tube Below:

Newest Nat Geo Video on Sequoias

Just for fun and to see if anyone actually reads this blog, I'm going to give away a Dramm 1000 hole Water Breaker Nozzle.  I used it once and it worked really well. It has a very gentle spray, which puts out a lot of water in a short amount of time.  The reason I don't really need it is because I use an RO system and don't have a huge collection.  I'd rather save a little more water and stick with my Masakuni watering wand which works really nicely too.  What do you use to water and how do you like it?

Here's some great discussion on watering nozzle's for Bonsai:



So if you want this Dramm nozzle, just comment below letting my know your name and address along with the answers to the quiz below.  If you don't want the nozzle and still want to do the quiz just let me know.  You could email me your address also if you feel more comfortable.


1. What were the given names of the two largest Sequoias in the world?

2. What's the name of a Bristlecone pine Grove in California?

3.  What's the given name of the Largest Sierra Juniper in the world?




8 thoughts on “Rainy Days, Yosemite, Sequoias & Dramm”

  1. That NG. article is really good, but the ipad version is really something. I recommend it highly.

    General Sherman, President

    Methuselah grove

    Bennet juniper

  2. Those are some nice trees you have in the boxes, can we have a closer look maybe??? Looks like you had a great trip, I’ll have to get there someday.

  3. Hey Jeremy,
    I always enjoy reading your blog. (Don’t get discouraged if you don’t too many people, I only get a dozen or so people visiting mine each month. (http://jefflahrart.blogspot.com/)

    I like this latest post because I’ve worked in the Mariposa Grove for the past twenty summers. I was visiting in November and we had to walk from the South entrance because they had closed the gate due to snow. Were you able to drive into the Grove?

    Next time you’re up in that area you should visit the Nelder Grove. It’s about thirty minutes from Oakhurst. It’s in National Forest and you can camp around the Big Trees (and it isn’t nearly as crowded).

    Stop by sometime,

    1. Fantastic suggestion about the Nelder Grove, I’ll have to check that out. That would be really cool to camp near some old giants. We just took a tram/bus which took us to the trail head and walked. The day before we put in a lot of miles on foot, so id like to go back and explore more. I also want to get over to Sequioa NF and see those giants.
      Thanks for the comment about my blog. I don’t get discouraged, the blog is just as much just for me and i’ve enjoyed making it. Jeff you are a talented artist in more ways than one! Take care and yes let’s get together sometime soon.

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