Little Sierra Update

In early spring of this year I re-potted my little Sierra I collected Spring of last year.  Here's a link to a previous post about this tree.

Above is the tree after I removed it from it's box at a BIB workshop.  You can see some of the new roots on the left hand side, which grew into the pumice.


Here's a closer shot.


I washed the training pot and put on the screen and wire.  Here's a close up of a Z clip to hold the screen in place.


I used Clay King, but mixed in some additional pumice and lava. Forgot to get a picture of the tree all potted up during this workshop.


Fast forward to 9/1/12 and the tree was growing great-here's a picture below.

We were not able to get the tree into the correct planting angle, but we were able to secure it so it didn't move in the pot(notice the aluminum wire near the base).  There were tons of small new shoots coming out of two main locations on the upper part of the trunk.  Boon explained to me that you should only keep a few of these. Otherwise if you leave them they will not elongate correctly to become the replacement branches you need in order to become replacement branches.

We removed several of these new shoots and some of the branches on the tree.  Here is the final outcome for the day after the first wiring and adjusting the branches on this little Sierra.  I'm excited to see the tree become more refined with time and repositioned into it's new planting angle.



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