Getting Married and our Honeymoon

Sorry not much Bonsai in this post. The past couple months have been really busy!  I wanted to share a few pic's to show you what i've been up to lately.  Two really exciting things happened in June and July- I got married and then took a trip to Thailand for our honeymoon.

Below-my Groomsmen and I jumping for Joy!!!

My bride Courtney before the wedding getting ready.  She is truly an incredible woman, I am very lucky!!!  Our small wedding in our hometown of Nipomo, CA took place on June 30th.  Everything turned out really great and the wedding was a lot of fun.


My mom made these tasty cupcakes for everyone at the wedding. I told her she should go into the Cupcake business after she retires from being a teacher.


I was really happy with our photographer who seems to like playing with light and trees.  I really like this purple plum, a species that I would like to air layer and work with in the future.

Overall we had a fantastic day! After the wedding we spent our first night married in Summerland, CA and flew toThailand the next day.

Sunset while eating dinner in Thailand.


We really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful islands. Here's us posing next to one of the most famous.  It's called James Bond island because it was in the movie James Bond-Man with the Golden Gun.

Here we are next to a giant laying Buddha, it's gold platted and the huge feet are all mother of pearl.


One of my favorite things about Thailand was the fruit. It's very inexpensive and tastes so good!  Lots of cool tropical fruit i've never tried, but even fruit i'm familiar with like Bananas, mangoes and watermelon seem to taste much better in Thailand.



Playful Tiger Cub:)


While the weather was a bit overcast, it didn't make it any less incredible to see the beautiful Phi Phi islands.   Here's a couple pictures of the cove where they filmed a scene from the movie The Beach.

I broke my last point and click camera on my last collecting trip, so we got a new shock/water proof one and I used it to take this picture.  Swimming around the cove was one of my favorite moments of the trip, glad I got this pic to remember it.



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