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Wow!  What a fantastic blog Peter has been writing!  He has made a great effort and used a good chunk of his limited free time to share his experiences and new found bonsai knowledge with us in the U.S.  I feel very fortunate to be involved in Bonsai during a time when it’s so easy to follow along with a bonsai apprentice living in Japan.  Facebook, Blogs and You tube did not exist or where not as big when the first Americans were apprenticing.

I’d like to suggest that if you’ve got it, then kick a few bucks over Peter’s way and consider yourself investing in helping bonsai progress in the U.S.

I know I’d really like to see more American’s learning from professionals and the quality of bonsai always increasing in our country.  I believe that if an intelligent hardworking individual like Peter wanted to make a serious commitment in an apprenticeship, we should support that person if we can.  These people will be the next teachers in the U.S. and the Bonsai community should make things just a bit easier on them while they do it.  Hopefully this will encourage that person to kick back more knowledge to us.  It’s a Win Win in my opinion.

I know Peter’s a great teach and I believe you can tell from his posts.  Here’s a picture of Peter giving me some info on branch structure on his California Juniper before he went to Japan.  Congrats to Peter for what he has accomplished so far and best of luck to him in the future!

3 thoughts on “Support Peter Tea- Rants and Raves”

  1. Thanks a bunch Jeremiah! I appreciate your efforts to help me and others that are going to Japan to study. I hope that when people donate, they don’t see it as just a handout but as a way to support me in my efforts to learn as much as I can about Bonsai and share it with everybody through the blog/comments and in person.

    I mean, who can’t benefit from a little booze money! ;o) just kidding!

    I think that picture is about 2 years old now? Oh how young we were back then… LOL

    Thanks again my friend. Take care!

  2. Great photo.
    Good to see that the drive for more followers of the Art of Bonsai is still strong.
    I would have thought that the USA would have no trouble in attracting Bonsai enthusiasts as there always appears to be so much interest here on the web.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck in your quest.

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