Mostly Big Old One’s

A friend of mine once explained that when collecting native junipers, there are basically three types of trees- little young one’s, big old one’s and little old one’s.  The little old one’s are the rarest and the one’s we seek for bonsai.  While the little old one’s where what I was seeking during my last collecting trip, I could not help but spend time studying the big old one’s as well.  Here are some pictures of the big old one’s from that trip, hope you enjoy.




Cool Pinyon Pine with Jin top.  I have not collected one of these yet, but would like to in the future.


Skeleton of an old tree.  Check out the Cork Screw of the lowest branch!


Here's a close up


Paint Brush sometimes grows near CA and Sierra Juniper.  I would love to grow this as an accent plant.


I debated collecting this thing below.  It's a big twisted ball, a strange juniper that we named Freak Show.



3 thoughts on “Mostly Big Old One’s”

  1. iam super pissed! I live in oceano. I share your same goals and aspirations in regaurds to bonsai. I’ve been looking for a collecting buddy around the area and now that I might be moving far away I just now found your blog! If anything atleast I’ll be some what closer to bonsai mirai. But I’ve been really itching to go out and collect some of our amazing native trees. Fyi have you been to muranaka bonsai in nipomo yet? Best luck, you seem to have a really nice collection going from what I’ve see here

    1. Yes, Muranaka Bonsai was what got me into Bonsai. Great place and awesome people! I’ve been doing Boon’s Intensive Classes-they are amazing. If you ever want to come, I’d love to carpool with someone locally. So you are moving to Oregon? My sis lives there and I want to go visit. Thanks for the words!

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