Sierra Junipers

Here some pictures I've taken of Sierra Junipers while hiking around the mountains.  It seems like the older I get the more I appreciate beautiful areas like these.  After being cooped up in an office during the week the mountains seem to refresh my mind like nothing else.

I took the picture above after hiking several miles.  I remember being really tired and possibly slightly delusional because I thought it looked exactly like a dragon.  I guess that's debatable, but I still love the beautiful deadwood and like the picture.


Some more potential accent plants to display near my collected trees.  I like how these flowers look next to the granite.  Anyone know what type they are?


One of my favorite plants that I will try and grow this year.  I hear this flower referred to as Indian Brush and know there are several varieties.  It's really interesting to me that this is actually a parasitic plant and partially lives off the roots of other plants.  I have some seed and am going to try and grow it with some other native plants.  Has anyone tried growing this?


This isn't the greatest picture, but that's me checking out this massive Juniper that is still alive and growing.  I wonder why it grew into that U shaped arch?


Another waterfall after the first snow melt.  Hope you liked the pictures, thanks for checking it out!!!


3 thoughts on “Sierra Junipers”

  1. Hi Yenling Bonsai,
    I have been blown away by the amazing pictures of the Californian junipers you posted on your blog.
    I a m in the process of updating a book of mine ‘Choosing and Growing Bonsai’ which was first published in 2006 and would like to include a couple of pages about Californian juniper. Could you help with one or two nice pics of the trees in the wild?
    I will credit you with the pics in my book of course.
    I would appreciate your help.
    Kindest Regards,
    Peter Chan(from UK)

    1. Hello Peter

      Wow! Thank you very much and what an honor! Yes of course you may use some of my pictures. Please let me know if you would like them emailed to you or if you would like anything else?

      Thank you,
      Jeremiah Lee

      1. Hi Jeremiah,
        I feel deeply humbled when I see wonderful creations of bonsai such as the one in your blog. Is this your tree? I could not create anything like this. My forte is the Japanese Maple.
        If you could let me have the image via e-mail that would be great. In as high resolution as possible. My e-mail is
        By the way – if ever you visit England you are most welcome to visit my nursery and to stay with us.
        With warm regards,
        Peter Chan

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