Rant about Bonsai and Goals

This blog is helping to document my Bonsai Journey.  I feel that with any journey you first need to decide where you are going and because of this I have decided to list some of my goals relating to Bonsai.  I don't hear about goals being discussed too often in regards to Bonsai, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be discussed or that they don't apply.

How Do Goals Help Us?

  1. Give us Direction
  2. Force us to focus on what’s important
  3. Hold us accountable
  4. Push our limits

I have listed my long term goals below in order of importance.  I also have more short and medium term goals which revolve around practicing more, graduating Boon's intensives and spending more time collecting.  I think short and medium term goals should be updated and altered on a as needed basis, but for the most part your long term goals should stay the same once you know what you really want.

My Long Term Goals

  1. Have a collection considered among the best in the world
  2. Become a confident Bonsai expert
  3. Do my part to improve Bonsai in the U.S.
  4. Run a successful small bonsai business
  5. Place at least a few times and win the Portland Cup at least once(New)

I'm beyond ecstatic to see Bonsai develop in the U.S. over the next several decades.  I know we will see some of the most amazing trees being developed here in our own backyard and the level of skill and knowledge will be increasing dramatically.   if you haven't already, I hope you set some goals and push yourself to achieve them so we can continue to raise the bar in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Rant about Bonsai and Goals”

  1. Jeremiah, I think that’s a great idea to set those goals for yourself! I know you can do it! I think practice is one of the most important things you can do that will help you become a better artist. Study as well; study pots and makers, suiseki, display, stands and everything related to bonsai and you will become a well rounded artist. The more you see these things the better your eye will become and the better you will begin to understand the things you like and dislike as well as why you do and don’t. Also collecting your own yamadori material will best the best decision you will ever make and will really help you on your way to having a top notch collection. Good luck with your goals! Love the blog…keep it up!

    Your bud, Tyler

    1. Thanks Tyler, I really appreciate your comments and feedback. I will try and study as much as possible. Collecting is where I plan to obtain my best material. I know you will have a huge impact on American Bonsai-you are going to be one of the leaders. Thank you for apprenticing under Mr. Suzuki!

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