Shohin CA Juniper

Here's a Shohin California Juniper I collected from the spot in the previous post.  I feel it has some good character for such a small tree.  I put several holes in the nursery can to try and get more air into the soil.


Here's a close up of some of the deadwood.

I've seen a couple different methods of dealing with the native soil on collected conifers and I'm not sure exactly what works best.  I didn't bare root this tree at all, instead I combed the edges of the root ball out so the tips of the roots would stick out into the pumice.   One thing I am certain of is that Junipers should never be completely bare rooted especially just after being collected.  During the next re potting I will remove a section of the native soil and replace it.  With a few of my more recently collected trees, I bare rooted about 30% of the native soil, replacing it with pumice.  So far they looks good, but only time and more experimenting will tell me what works best.


Here's another close up of the dead wood.



Here's the tree like I first found it right before being collected.  I always enjoy seeing pictures of collected trees before they were collected, hope you do to!



6 thoughts on “Shohin CA Juniper”

  1. Thats a really nice little bit of material !! interesting what you say about the soils on collecting yamadori , everyone has their own experience and different things seem to work in different circumstances , for me collecting mainly , Larix, Picea , Pinus and Fagus , I have not found that removing significant amounts of soil immeditaely is ever beneficial ! whether it is done intentionally or otherwise !

  2. Hi Jeremiah,

    This is a very nice tree, I really like it. The sari is nice and it looks really healthy. Thanks for sharing the photos, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it. It was great getting to know you at the intensive and I look forward to the next time! You are really inspiring me to get serious about doing some collecting!


    1. Hey Lon Dog

      It was great to meet you at the intensive as well! Yes, get out there. Thanks for the compliments about this tree. I’m sure i’ll see you sometime in the near future.

  3. Im in the opposite page with you when it comes to collecting california junipers.. I bareroot them all when i collect them from the field or soak the rootball when i get home then bareroot them. It will save you a lot of time in getting to your final pot. Its all about aftercare when you get the collected tree and thats what matters the most and my success rate is pretty high. I averaged about 100 california junipers every year with Harry Hirao..

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