Secret Spot

This spring one of my buddies and I went on a camping/collecting trip. We drove into this spot on a Friday Night.   We must have driven for an hour on bumpy dirt roads in nothing but moon light, I'm lucky because my friend was blessed with the gift of an internal GPS and found it without much issue.  We arrived in the general area around 1a.m, set up camp, ran around looking at trees with flashlights for another 30min then went to sleep.  The next morning we ate breakfast, drank some dark coffee and hiked around the rest of the day.  These pictures were taken with my phone, i'll have to bring my regular camera next time.

Above is one of my favorites, I love the twist on this one.



Skeleton with beautiful movement



The picture looks like some sort of big creature to me.



Nice little accent plant growing right near junipers, interesting rocks as well.  I would like to find out what the name of this plant/flower is and display one near the junipers I collected here.




One of the smaller trees we found interesting while hiking around.  Only one vein and tuft of foliage still alive on this one.




7 thoughts on “Secret Spot”

  1. Love the blog. Saw your link over on the Bonsai Study Group.

    For a beginner you have sure collected some stunning yamadori! I think you are well on your way to achieving your goal in bonsai.

    I look forward to following new posts on your blog. I’ll give you a mention on mine to help let people know you are there.


    Bonsai Eejit

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