Wiring Practice

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Here is a western juniper I got at the Bay Island Bonsai show in their auction.  Most of my current collection of junipers are not established enough to work on, so I wanted to pick up a few trees that I could practice technique with.   This is my first Western Juniper which was collected in Idaho, having observed it for a while now it seems to be a more hardy species compared to Sierra Juniper.  The angle the tree is in the pot makes a straight almost 90 degree line, which is very unattractive. Here's the tree when I first got it home from the BIB show.


This is the first time I styled this tree at a BIB workshop.  This was some really good wiring practice for me.  I did not do any cleaning up of the deadwood or life lines, mainly this styling was to adjust the branches to the right locations and show off the best deadwood features.  I also made the lowest branch on the left hand side into a jin and brought a higher branch down to fill in the area. The angle of the tree was adjusted to get rid of the long 90 degree section of the trunk.


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