Double Trunk

Here's a tree my collecting partner and I almost passed up.  The picture above is the view/angle of the tree I saw at first glance, not too impressive.  The two trunks are kind of funky, but after taking a closer look I really liked the deadwood features on this tree and decided I wanted to try and collect it.


The tree was growing in a large crack filled with duff and dirt.  These granite pockets sometimes contain many smaller fibrous roots which are vital to a newly collected conifer's survival.


Here's a shot of the division between dirt covered root ball and granite.

Here's the tree all cleaned up and in a box full of pumice that I made.  Looking back, I probably could have made this box a bit tighter.  I drilled ton's of holes in the sides of the box to help get air/oxygen to the pumice and roots.

Collected junipers come in all different shapes and sizes, one thing I love about them is their unique character.  Some might not love this tree because of its odd shape and structure, but I think it’s pretty cool and I'm excited to see it develop over the next few years.

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! yah, I think pumice is the best at establishing new roots. I’ve also mixed a bit of lava and horticultural charcoal into the pumice, which worked well too. Thanks peter!

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