Bristlecone Pines Schulman Grove White Mountains

I've posted some pictures below of the two trips I've taken to see the Bristlecone Pines Schulman Grove in the Eastern Sierras.  This amazing spot, is a place I feel everyone ought to visit at some point, but for anyone interested in Bonsai it should be a requirement.  These magnificent trees have the characteristics of high mountain conifers that we love so much in Bonsai.  They are truly ancient and their character shows a lifetime struggle and fight to live.  These trees exhibit some of the most beautiful and intense deadwood features anywhere. The contorted and twisted deadwood is so impressive it reminds me that in the end Mother Nature is the worlds ultimate artist.

Hiking the trails at the Schulman Grove is one of my favorite ways to forget all worries and leave stress behind.  With all the gnarly ancients around it's easy to feel like your in a whole other world.  The air is crisp clean and thin, forcing you to slow down, breath deeply and take it all in.


Check out the color in that dead wood


Courtney exploring the ancient forest









Close up of deadwood 1


Close up of deadwood 2

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